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Wonderful poems. I love reading them with the wonderful photographs.

Kathleen Kirk
Normal, IL, USA

Sat June 13 2009

Thank you so much, Bruce, for placing your powerful, beautiful poetry and essays within reach of so many! May the word continue spreading about your work.

Vivian Teter

Vivian Teter
Virginia Wesleyan College, Norfolk, VA

Mon Oct 30 2009

Dear Bruce: i just read your essay "Father's Day". I will be thinking "klafseeyalos" a week from Sunday. Thank you for sharing this. Rip EIU Class of '82

David Ripley
Oak Park/IL/USA

Mon Jun 6 2008

My name is Robin Boyd and I'm 13 years old. I'd just like to comment on your speaking at Heartland in Bloomington, Normal! My sister Rachel Boyd, is attending the class and invited me. I have recently became interested in poetry. I've started writing but right now I'm focusing on learning more about different types of poetry and poets. Listening to you was both entertaining and a learning experience. I look forward to reading your books!

Robin Boyd

Sat Apr 12 2008

Congratulations on your new website, and also your new position in January, 2007!!! Guernsey, the first poet to ever open my mind, my heart, to poetry.

Nancy Jones Mann
Traverse City, MI

Nancy Mann
Traverse City, MI

Sun Oct 22 2006

Gorgeous website, Bruce, though I think it might officially make you a computer guy! All my best,

Dana Stangel-Plowe
New York

Fri Oct 20 14:45:16 2006

great poems! great photos! i look forward to reading more of your verse.

dennis camire

Wed Oct 18 10:16:30 2006

Bruce, it's a wonderful site. Your poems and the photos of you and Victoria--it all makes me homesick.

john guzlowski

Tue Oct 17 12:20:55 2006

Read "Moss" today in the newspaper. Incredible! Looked you up in Google. Read "The Letter X". Now I'm hooked. Congratulations. Absolutely wonderful!

A John Glazier
Clive, Iowa, USA
Sun Oct 1 16:26:40 2006

Dear Poet, I was so happy to discover and to read your wonderful poetries. I love thair great simplicity, their depth, their transparency. Your language is the language of high cultered heart. You say with an extreme elegance the most difficult thinks. Warm regards Athanase Vantchev de Thracy French Poet www.athanase.org or www. poetrypoem.com/athanase

Athanase Vantchev de Thracy
Paris - France
Fri Sep 29 21:41:24 2006

A site for sore eyes!

Joe Kennedy
Lexington MA
Thu Sep 28 19:41:11 2006

Bruce, you are missed here at EIU, and not only because of your extensive knowledge of and unquestionable good taste in sports teams. Congrats on your new editorship. Great photos of you in rugged gear!Say hi to Victoria! Daiva

Daiva Markelis
Charleston, IL
Thu Sep 28 19:06:00 2006

Dear Bruce, Steve Rogers sent me the URL to your website, and I must say I'm impressed! Very informative, and what excellent design and pictures! Hope to see you again when you return to DC-- Miles

Miles Moore
Wed Sep 27 15:04:27 2006

Hey Bruce. Great website . . . love the photos! This way I can keep better tabs on you. Looking forward to seeing you up in Maine in a couple weeks. Steve R.

Steve Rogers
Mount Rainier, Maryland, USA
Wed Sep 27 13:48:08 2006

Hey Guerns, So proud of you for embracing technology. Your website looks wonderful. I've enjoyed sitting back and reabsorbing some of the poems that I already knew and discovering the new ones I did not. You look like the epitomy of the outdoorsman. How wonderful.

Angie Gallion Lovell
Tue Sep 26 19:23:50 2006

My friend the essayist Martin Scott once wrote of Bruce Guernsey's poems: "Bruce Guernsey’s poems are the sort of gems that slip through your fingers if you don’t hold onto them right. Cold-blooded, taut little masterpieces, their 'loneliness includes [us] unawares' in an emptiness 'so much nearer home' than we had dreamed. Like Wallace Stevens’s 'The Snow Man,' Guernsey has worked in a quiet and steadfast manner to cultivate a 'mind of winter' so he can gaze uninterrupted at the 'Nothing that is not there and the nothing that is.'" "Maps" is a poem that captures this "Nothing that is not there and the nothing that is," for me. My father didn't go to war, though he has always felt he should have been on one of those French beaches, had he only been about six years older. And he loves maps. Whenever I take a trip back East, I'll recieve in the mail a manilla envelope full of them, charting out routes I already know well. Pointing out to me the right exit off the Mass Pike, I know, isn't really the point of my father's compulsion to send me maps of home. The map Guernsey describes as "a metaphor for earth," the map I think almost all American men over sixty like to keep close whether it's a map of Normandy or of the lower Maine coast--that map will always seem to me the most apt metaphor I've ever read capturing the desire of such men (maybe they are all fathers) to close a certain distance that was once all too easy to open. But I don't know ... maybe it's just me.

Chris Hanlon
Mon Sep 25 17:25:23 2006

"Moss" is a jewel.


Fri Sep 22 05:11:47 2006

Congrats on a beautiful site! I can't believe you of all people, people who talk at length about how computers are evil, have a website. I guess you sold your soul to the dark computer underlords. I would say that more people will know about your long affair with the Sox but you'd already managed to broadcast that everywhere. Seriously, though. Great site, have added to my faves. I'm glad that more people will have access to your great work. Love, Sara

Sara Woollen-Danner
Cincinnati, OH
Tue Sep 19 18:37:09 2006

Bruce, you are the best hunter among poets and the best poet among hunters. Looks as if a poem I wrote long ago was meant for you, and quite a challenge to your hunting routines! Re-read my "Hunting the Unicorn" in that spirit. And happy fishing, as well! ~ Adam

adam czerniawski

Tue Sep 19 16:32:52 2006

Great to hear from you again, Bruce, and to visit the elegant mansion you've built in cyberspace. Enjoyed re-reading poems I already know from Peripheral Vision and January Thaw and discovering new ones in The Lost Brigade. I'm getting my "small" press revved up in hopes that your site will require a new edition of Peripheral Vision.

David Alpaugh
Pleasant Hill, CA
Mon Sep 18 15:31:22 2006

It's about time you got a website, Bruce. Hopefully, this will help you reach more people. You reached me during that crazy summer of 2001 when you taught me so much about poetry and about myself while on that ship, where time stood still. I love the picture of you fishing with the bio, and I'm so glad you mentioned your love of the Sox.

Gavin Jenkins
Verona, PA, United States
Tue Sep 12 05:17:02 2006

Dear Bruce, If not for your picture on the homepage, I wouldn't believe it was "The" Bruce Guernsey's website. Did you know that back in my folky days I once wrote a song about you that began . . . "Got a friend who's a poet And he doesn't have e-mail And he doesn't have voice mail, or a message machine . . . Blah, blah, blah . . . . Blah, blah, (I don't remember what comes here) If you call him and he's not home . . . Ya know his phone just rings." Okay - now you see why I gave up the songwriting genre. But still - a website!?! Slogan Joe would turn over in his grave if he knew. Randi

Randi Faust
Houston, TX
Mon Sep 11 23:05:00 2006

Is that Ronnie or Donnie that has gone "nationwide" on the web? I have spun over to the Dark Side and now a rapid Yankees Fan. Go Jeter! Go 'Roid Ragers Giambi and Sheffield! Come on over, Bruce- they win games, they spend money, they have class and a stadium with real seats.

Tom Douglas
Fairbanks, Alaska USA
Mon Sep 11 20:28:45 2006

Dear Mr. Guernsey, Greetings. Our firm -- Huff, Blowhard & Threaten -- has been retained as counsel to a well-known client who wishes to remain anonymous. Your website has been identified as among those containing material deemed offensive, libellous and litigation-inducing to Republicans, "Red State" households, New York Yankee management, and other decent Americans. Your recent email has been referred to us as Exhibit #1. Please be advised that we will be watching. Until further notice, John Ashcroft.

Lanny Jones
Mon Sep 11 19:20:39 2006

Who'd a thunk it! The Luddite Lad on-line. Who knows, maybe the Sox might even win the ...wait a minute, the world really is upside down. Welcome to cyberspace. Great site!!

Philip Brady
Youngstown, OH
Mon Sep 11 19:15:02 2006

Beautiful site, Bruce. Congratulations. All continues to rock along here in Ol'Virginny. Best. A.

L. Anderson Orr
Norfolk, Va. Usa
Mon Sep 11 19:14:02 2006


Carolyn Weiher
Bushnell, FL 33513-7889
Mon Sep 11 17:49:39 2006

What kind of website is this? No links to the Steelers Nation? Oh, I get it. It's a work in progress. Pretty snazzy except for the Steelers omission.

John Burkoff
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Mon Sep 11 17:25:42 2006

Dear Bruce: Great website, but don't quit your 'day job'! ;) Rip EIU Class of ;82

David Ripley
Oak Park/IL/USA
Mon Sep 11 16:44:11 2006

Bruce, Your website is lovely! Victoria did a beautiful job as well with the pictures. Many blessings . . . Erin Zinzilieta- Pennington

Erin Pennington
Carmi,IL 62821
Mon Sep 11 16:35:36 2006

Congratulations on the new site. I hope you post many hits and it becomes all the rage. Best, Vivian

Vivian Garcia
Palisades Park, NJ
Mon Sep 11 16:03:35 2006

A Rat surrendered here A brief career of Cheer And Fraud and Fear. Of Ignominy’s due Let all addicted to Beware. The most obliging Trap Its tendency to snap Cannot resist— Temptation is the Friend Repugnantly resigned At last.

Daniel Williams
Mon Sep 11 15:38:12 2006

*** you, Guernsey

John Balaban
Mon Sep 11 15:31:15 2006

Nice site. What is this world coming to when Guernsey has a website? Now I'm off to continue my work on bruceguerseyfans.com... ;^) s.

Charleston, IL
Mon Sep 11 15:21:29 2006

Great idea!! When I catch up on my work today, I'll browse your WEBsite and make comments. You have posted a great picture. Makes me want to jump on my bicycle and come visit you.

flute snyder
Mon Sep 11 15:20:56 2006

Mr. Guernsey, Pretty snazzy website you got here! I especially like the colors and backgrounds you chose. Although I don't have any good essays or poems posted on my website, you can learn all about trademark and copyright law if you visit it. Take care!

Morris Turek
St. Louis, MO
Sun Sep 10 21:59:21 2006

Dr. Guernsey- Okay, so I wanted to prove that I really did check out your website. :) It was nice reading (and in some cases rereading) your poetry. You have a style of writing that I both appreciate and admire.

Fri Sep 8 16:10:58 2006

Wow dad! This website is great. Where's my free books? Love you!

planet earth, life #3
Fri Sep 8 02:39:24 2006

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